Reviews for Time Is On Our Side!

Washington City Paper:

“(Emily) Dalton and (Jordan) Brown create a great on-stage chemistry.”

After so many months of virtual theater when eye contact was impossible, it’s a revelation to see an actor like (Pauline) Lamb use her eyes to paint the experience of an open space like the city park that Thomas has written.”

“There is clearly an intelligence and artistry coordinating the script, performances, and the design elements.”

Perisphere is perfectly capable of the grand storytelling that makes it worth returning to the theaters at this point in our history.”

Thomas’ script is intimately epic, creating a vivid Philadelphia where queer millennial characters discover just how little they know of the history of gay and lesbian life.”

DC Metro Theater Arts:

Jordan Brown is a hoot as Curtis.”

Emily Dalton plays Annie with grit and determination to get the job done with no-nonsense realism . . . gives Annie lovely layering.”

“Lamb shines as Mr. Ramondi, bantering with Curtis about Baby Jane and Sofia’s line about Harpo from Color Purple. (Leo) Delgado portrays all of his characters with chuckling hilarity, especially when he and Curtis riff off cruising and queer magic.”

“I laughed to tears at the memories and old-school fun, playfully directed with a wink and nod by Gerrad Alex Taylor.”

“Set Designer Greg Stevens and Lighting Designer Adam Mendelson provided a surreally lit  back wall of photographs that seemed to take on lives of their own.”

“Perisphere Theater can chalk up well-deserved kudos for a fun-filled romp in the theater again. “

Maryland Theatre Guide:

“Dalton masterfully carries being the focal point of the plot.”

“Brown also delivers a fine performance. He keeps Curtis from being a stereotype. His interactions with Delgado as Rene are unforgettable, especially in the scene when Rene teaches Curtis about “cruising,” one of the highlights of the production.”

“Lamb goes from the compassionate Claudia to the emotionally torn Gisella without a bump in the action. Her riotous portrayal of Mr. Ramondi is first class.”

“Delgado also gives a sensational performance. He is hilarious as Rene, uptight as Lawrence, and wonderfully reveals the complexities of Mr. Blankenship.”

“Taylor’s direction creates magnificent visions for the audience — from the warm final scene between Annie and Mr. Blankenship to the above mentioned ‘cruising’ scene with Rene and Curtis.”   

Greg Stevens’ set and costume designs are imaginative, especially the use of the photos on the wall as a visual montage that helps the story move along.”

“Adam Mendelson’s lighting, photography, and projections designs integrate perfectly with the set and and plot.”

With Philadelphia as a microcosm, Time is On Our Side cleverly and realistically illustrates the history of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Metro Weekly

“It’s Delgado, outstanding in a number of supporting roles, especially as old queen Blankenship, who wields the show’s sharpest comic edge, polished to a shine of impressive depth and color, connecting the past to now.”

Brown’s Curtis . . . lives up to the script and fun physicality of the character.”