Seeking New Leadership

We, the board of directors of Perisphere Theater, are seeking applications from groups interested in running this very small, professional, nonprofit theater company. Kevin O’Connell, the company’s artistic and executive director, is stepping down after the spring 2024 production. Though Perisphere’s actors and production staff are paid, there are currently no paid administrative positions in the company. Therefore, the ideal application will be from a group large enough to share the job without unduly taxing any one individual.
Applications should demonstrate that the applying group collectively has the following:
• experience producing theater, including budgeting, play selection, hiring, casting, etc.
• significant theater education
• a broad range of theater skills
• an understanding and appreciation of history
• demographic diversity
• experience working with nonprofits and boards of directors
• marketing skills
• grant writing skills
• ability to solicit individual donations
To apply
Submit the resumes of each of the collaborators along with a narrative describing your interest in and ability to run Perisphere Theater. In addition to explaining how the group meets the requirements listed and what the operating structure would be, the narrative should describe the group’s commitment to honoring the company’s mission, vision, and values, which are stated at the end of this notice.
Send resumes, narrative, and supporting documents, if any, to [email protected]. The deadline is June 25, 2023.
We strongly encourage you to ask questions before submitting your application. Kevin O’Connell, who is also a member of the board, is happy to share his experiences and insights gained from running the company for the past four years. Send questions to him at the same email address: [email protected].
Perisphere Theater’s Mission, Vision, and Values
Mission: Perisphere Theater produces plays that examine personal and collective history and the notion of history itself.
Vision: A theater experience that gives audiences a greater appreciation of history and of those who are often left out of its retelling.
• Artistic excellence: We pursue the highest possible theatrical quality so we can engage our audience intellectually and emotionally.
• Diversity: We make equitable decisions about the plays we choose to produce and the people we choose to hire and elevate.
• Antiracism: We actively seek to provide opportunities for BIPOC theater artists, recognizing the need to not only eliminate racial barriers to participation but also to make amends for historical injustice.
• Respect: We always show the utmost respect for our collaborators and our audience, and we refuse to allow harassment, disparagement, or objectification in connection with our productions or operations.